Friday, 8 February 2013

The Lonely Wrap Conversion

While my custom conversions are exciting and high in demand, sometimes an in-stock conversion just doesn't catch a customers eye, like this Chocolate Ellipsen Conversion:

This carrier was one of the very first padded-to-wrap strap conversions I made. It is comfortable and practical, like a pair of well loved jeans. It just isn't as flashy or exciting as a fully customized, HTF conversion, and hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. It has been in my demo collection for nearly a year, but I think it's time to spread the babywearing love in the way we all love the most.

I'd like to auction off this conversion in the hopes that someone will walk away with a phenomenonal carrier at a terrific price. Bidding will start at just $5 with no reserve price, with $5 increments. Shipping is not included in the price. Please bid in the comments section.  Bidding begins immediately and will continue until 9pm Sunday.

Please help me spread the word, and the babywearing love. Besides... Who doesn't love chocolate??

Monday, 27 August 2012

The 1000 Likes Ice Dyed Wrap Giveaway

Thank you so much friends.  It is amazing to me how quickly this page has grown!  I very much appreciate your support.  To thank you, I am offering you the opportunity to enter to win a 100% linen Metamorphosis wrap with a custom ice dye job.

Ice dying is an exciting process where after the wrap is prepared to accept the dye it is covered with ice and sprinkled with powdered dyes.  As the ice melts it carrys the dye down into the fabric creating lovely patterns and mixtures of colors as shown in the pictures below.


If you would like the opportunity to be entered to win a the custom ice dyed wrap please leave a comment below and a winner will be selected using on Friday evening.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Faux Wrappers Paradise

Sometimes things don't turn out quite how you were expecting, but spectacular nonetheless.

I just recieved a nice big roll of 100% Czech linen and I wanted to know how nicely it took up dye.

The first side I dyed was a beautiful mix of aquamarine and emerald green which resulted in a soft tropical ocean-y green.

The next side I thought would look pretty as a nice deep red wine color.  When I came time to mix the dye I realized I didn't have enough dye to get a nice strong color but went ahead and started anyway.  About half way down the 2nd side I knew I'd need something different to punch up this color so I transitioned to a nice medium purple color. 

It wasn't until I was rinsing the wrap that I realized I'd seen this color combo looked exactly like a Girasol Wrappers Paradise.  What luck!!  I hadn't started out trying to recreate this colorway but had in fact stumbled upon it.  Sometimes I get the best results when I don't have any particular result in mind when I start out!

Here it is, my Faux Wrappers Paradise.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Laguna Beach Ring Sling

I think this is my absolute favorite dye job yet!  I'm certain my experience is really starting to pay off.  First, I finally mixed the PERFECT teal color.  I've been trying to mix a color just like this for ages.  Secondly, I got the perfect amount of mixing where the colors meet.  I get so excited when the colors actually blend and don't get muddy.  :)  All that squishing and dying my fingers definitely made a difference in the quality of the saturation.

This gorgeous dye job also happens to be on an awesomely comfortable hand woven UppyMama wrap.  The mama who buys this creation is going to get herself a beautiful and amazingly comfortable sling!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Fire Rainbow, 2 ways

I bought myself a Girasol Fire Rainbow on pre-order with the intention that I would convert it into a ring waist mei tai.  The whole time I waited for this wrap I waivered back and forth about whether I should indeed convert it or if I would love it as a wrap.  When it finally arrived I decided to dive right in and instead of wearing it right away, I cut into it right away instead!

Here is my lovely new WCMT!

And because life it always more fun when I am enabling someone to buy more baby carriers I convinced my sister in law to pre-order a shortie so I could convert it into a ring sling for her.

I'm really pleased with the look of both of these beautiful conversions.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Crazy Fish Half Buckle Wrap Conversion

It has finally happened; a mama from TBW found my website or Facebook page and took a risk on an unknown conversion seamstress.  Thank you Mama!!!

This mama sent me her lovely size 6 Didymos Pesca Pazzi wrap for conversion to a structured waist half buckle mei tai.

This carrier is currently swimming back home and I hope its owner loves it in its new form.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cherry Blossoms, Three ways.

Didymos Cherry Blossoms is one of my very favorite wraps to wrap with.....and to dye!  Of course its lovely in its natural pink and green colors but I love to play with color combinations every time I get a chance with silk/cotton blend wraps.

I have 3 beautiful daughters and thought it would be a lovely idea to collect 3 size 7 Cherry Blossoms wraps and uniquely dye each one so that one day I can pass these lovley wraps down to my daughters when they in turn become mothers.

Here is my collection of legacy Cherry Blossom wraps.  Now the only problem I have is deciding which one will suit each daughter best!